Working with families

From 2011 to 2015 Jigsaw Group successfully delivered the European Social Fund’s ‘Complex Families’ service as sub-contractor. The programme was targeted at those with multiple barriers to employment who weren’t eligible for the work programme and other similar provision.

We had the best outcomes across the Greater Manchester/Cheshire Contract Package area. By actively seeking out those who would benefit from our service (as opposed to waiting for referrals to materialise) we engaged 520 people over the duration of the programme and achieved 80 job outcomes; surpassing our given targets by 395 engagements and 46 job outcomes.


Through a joint investment agreement with Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council, our ‘Inspire’ programme supports families identified as having a complex dependency on agencies.  A team of keyworkers, recruited to ensure a variety of experience in a range of disciplines, delivers the service with each keyworker holding a maximum of 15 cases to ensure the necessary intensity of interventions required for a family to achieve sustainable changes.

Families are empowered to make the changes necessary to improve family functioning and improving communities.  ‘Inspire’ won the 2014 Business in The Community award for sustainable communities in recognition of the outcomes achieved.

To date, over 500 families have received support. Inspire’s 89.3% success rate in achieving outcomes with this cohort of families - who are often regarded by other agencies as ‘hardest to help’ - is very good. 

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