Our Performance

From April 2014 to March 2015 we:

Completed 51,298 repairs including:

  • Emergencies (100% completed on time)
  • Urgent repairs (100% completed on time)
  • Routine repairs (99.70% completed on time)
  • Out of hours service (100% completed within two hours

You can view our current performance on responsive repairs here.

Carried out work on 1,314 empty homes and returned them to our clients ready for customers to move in. We have achieved this within set timescales in 100% of cases, and 60% were returned before the agreed target dates.


Completed 13,996 Gas Safety checks to comply with CP12 - 100% on target for the 11 month cyclical checks.


Installed 480 new bespoke bathrooms, and 110 new bespoke kitchens. 

Completed 385 new roofs and 564 electrical upgrades.
Completed external painting to 2,382 properties. 

Completed 1,350 central heating systems/boiler swaps.