HQN Accreditation

31 May 2013

In May we were awarded the HQN (Housing Quality Network) Accreditation. An HQN Accreditation mark is a visible sign that our organisation not only meets or exceeds good practice standards, but it is also proud to offer a best-in-class service to our customers and residents.

Demonstrating that our services have been scrutinised by a reputable and independent organisation and found to meet exacting standards is a measure of confidence that our customers, clients and partners can recognise and trust.

The HQN Accreditation provides the tools to do this and is designed to recognise and reward organisations which:

  • Understand their customers, and communities
  • Deliver excellent services for tenants
  • Operate efficiently and make best use of the resources available
  • Are committed to developing and sustaining strong partnerships
  • Innovate and actively look for opportunities to improve