New Charter Building Company has developed and implemented a bespoke mobile working solution (PDA), across all sections of the business. This includes electrical, gas and building works, and responsive repairs. Our dedicated trade technicians currently have over 60 hand-held devices in operation every day.

The system, (fully implemented since November 2014) has processed over 43,000 jobs. This has allowed over 87% of jobs to be allocated an appointment slot.

This system has meant our customers can be given an appointment at the first point of contact, on a day and time to suit them.

This has led to a reduction in the number of customers missing appointments and has means our technicians attend all repairs with the key information to hand. This has ensured that over 99% of repairs are fixed first time; giving our customers a GREAT customer experience.

The team includes a Senior Supervisor and two PDA Co-ordinator support staff, and is headed by the Responsive and Voids Operational Manager.