The Voids team is headed up by the Voids Manager, two Void Supervisors, one Admin Support and a dedicated team of multi-skilled trades' personnel.

The team is responsible for working on Jigsaw Group's empty homes, ensuring a speedy turnaround to meet the growing demand for social housing in today’s economic climate.

This work is divided up as 5, 10 and 20 day voids, each requiring a variety of building, electrical and gas related works to ensure they meet our decent homes standard before being re-let.

Our Voids team has returned over 1,314 properties in 2014/2015, 100% of which were on time 60% of which were returned early across all the above categories. This is demonstrated by our average number of days to complete, currently standing at 9.7 days. Our goal is to reduce these timescales and ensure homes are returned to the standard requirement so they can be re-let.

Void Caretakers team

The Void Caretakers team works to remove any rubbish, including furniture, white goods, carpets, needle sticks etc. left behind inside and outside our empty properties. This is to ensure that New Charter Building Company has a blank canvas to proceed with the necessary building works that are required to bring the property up to our high letting standard.

The Void Caretakers also work in conjunction with a local charity (2nd Generation Furnishings), set up by tenants of New Charter Homes. The charity takes furniture and white goods, which are in a reasonable condition. These items are cleaned and then either sold on for a small charge or given away free to families in need. 

All other remaining items are disposed of at the local waste management station, with as much waste as possible recycled. Any sharps are disposed of in line with Health and Safety best practice.

Once all the building work is completed at the empty property, the caretakers will then return to undertake a final clean from top to bottom ready for the new tenant to move in. 

The team has a fleet of vehicles equipped with cages to hold items whilst in transit. They also have a hot and cold water system on board to provide hot water for cleaning.

The team has cleared out over 894 properties and valeted over 1217 properties over the last 12 months.

The Void Caretakers team (L-R): Mark Hafford (Void Caretaker Operative), Rick McNamara (Void Caretakers Team Leader), Keith Anderson (Void Caretaker Operative).