What Is RSS?

What Is RSS?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.”  It is a format for publishing frequently updated web-based content.  This content is pulled, aggregated and displayed in a program called an “RSS reader.”  There are a wide variety of RSS readers to choose from on the Internet; some of the most popular are available from Google, Yahoo, Newsgator and Bloglines.  Internet visitors can customize their readers to pull content from whichever RSS feeds they find of interest

Why Use RSS?

RSS brings information from multiple Web sites to a single page (the reader).  Thus visitors do not have to take the time to visit each of their favorite sites and search for the latest content.  The reader knows when new content has been published and brings it to one place.  Visitors can also preserve their privacy and reduce their email load by subscribing to the feed rather than subscribing to electronic newsletters published by each site’s sponsor.

How Do I Access Jigsaw Group Group RSS Feeds?

  • Categories that have RSS feeds will display the orange RSS icon.  Then you have a couple of options:
  • Click on the feed you are interested in.  You will be able to see the most recent information in that feed.  You can simply bookmark this feed page.
  • Paste the URL of the feed page into the browser of your favorite RSS feed.
  • Some browsers/RSS news readers including IE7+, Firefox, Safari and Opera automatically support RSS.  You do not have to paste the feed URL into a separate reader.  Simply clicking on the RSS feed will open it into the reader