40 Years' Service Club

During 2014, we had five employees at New Charter Building Company who marked the achievement of a fantastic 40 years' service.

We sat down with two of them for a chat about their 40 years' with New Charter.

Rob Henshaw  

Rob’s schooling was at West Hill Secondary where he was proudly awarded House Captain. His form teacher’s report noted even then that one of his best subjects was woodwork.

As both his father and older brother worked in the building trade at the time, Rob decided to start his career by joining Tameside MBC as an Apprentice Carpenter and Joiner on 5 August 1974.  He worked in the Stalybridge depot, putting his hand to making staircases, windows and doors. 

What have your most memorable moments from the past 40 years been?

In terms of my work life that’s easy - working for Social Services carrying out adaptations for people who are having difficulty doing everyday things around their home.  It was a pleasure to work on this particular contract for over 16 years: putting in hand rails to stairs, grab rails to bathrooms and ramps for wheelchair access.  On a personal note it's been learning to dance, including Salsa, Latin and Ballroom, which has been memorable for me.

What is the secret to a long and successful work life?

There’s no secret really, just keep fit, be happy, try to make other people around you happy and appreciate the job you have, there are lots of people who have no job at all.

John Griffiths  

John started his career as an Apprentice Plumber for Tameside MBC on 5 August 1974, following his father's advice that he needed to get a trade when he left school.  After his induction at Mossley Town Hall, John began his on-the-job training at Great Norbury Street, Hyde Yard.

John was encouraged by his father to try and specialise in a job that no one else liked doing, so on completing his apprenticeship he jumped at the opportunity to become a Glazier.  

John has been working on the councils’ schools and public buildings as a Glazier for the past 36 years now and never looked back, thanks to the sound advice from his dad!

What have your most memorable moments from the past 40 years been? 

Getting married and having kids.

What is the secret to a long and successful work life?

Enjoy your job and enjoy job satisfaction.

Congratulations to all our long serving employees, who are an absolute credit to our organisation.